Irregular Choice Boutique, Carnaby.

The ‘Donut Worry’ Cutest Tote to keep your lippy, blush and personal items safely locked away.

Skipping down soho some few weekends ago, I was almost blinded by the stream of color pouring from beyond and behind the shop windows at number 35 Carnaby Street.

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Blown away by the array of teal glitter and rainbow heels, sunshades were almost in order.

roll up! Roll up!

Now if you are Disney fan, a Toy Story fan, fear now, there are feet furniture to suit all needs and desires. How cute are these starry, carnival- themed ankle boots? With a sprinkling of velvet and a tickling of feathers, how can we not but adore these cuties?

A Puffin Slider you say!

Black, suede, block-heel sliders? Irregular Choice has got you covered. With a scalloped, pink edge, it’s embroidered trim drapes delicately over the dorsum of the foot. What’s not to love about this elegant display of avian royalty? Ask for the Poco Loco.

Jurassotops Urban Snicker

The above is not for the faint hearted! Feeling a little Godzilla-ish? Then this is your pick

The ‘Hunnie bunnie’ coming it at €135.

The Hunnie Bunnie offers a Saturday night and a Sunday afternoon option. Swap the bunny heel for a glitter wedge platform for brunch hour. No need to trade the soft pink fluff and heart motifs. They stay!

My Other Little Pony

Fancy making an entrance on a Friday night? Stride out of the house and into your Castle with this fantasy moat for your feet.

Someone say Old-Fashioned? Get out of town!

High heels, flats, runners, brogues, show stoppers? Irregular Choic does exactly what it says on the tin. Available in ‘Office’ and ‘Schuh’ in ROI as far as I know. but for a true treat, go seek futile fashionable footwear in Carnaby Street. Then, do out and paint that town red.


  • This is not a sponsored blog.
  • I do not get paid or sponsored or subsidised in any way to promote the products in Irregular Choice.
  • All photographs are my own.

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