My Chic ‘Must Haves’.

Looking for a way to wind down after a long days work in the office and watching replay of the McGregor UFC fight, I came upon Miss Vogue’s ‘Chics Must Haves’. I have picked my versions of the Puffy Skirt, the Silk Dress, TipTop Tapestry and of course Clashing Prints. I hope someone of you out there will like my choice of picks just as much as I do.


Above:  1. Sylwia Majdan Skirt

My silk dress pick is inspired by Louis Vuitton’s slinky silk collection, Figure-hugging and back-revealing. Think slips.


Miu Miu’s divine tapestry duster coats were well up there in my ranks. You all well know by now that I have a thing for overcoats, all colors, shapes and sizes. Needless to say the pale blue wizards coat of dear ole Miu Miu caught my attention. Can we please compare this with Ulyana Seregeenko’s red one below? Hello Paisley.



 And, last but not least; the clashing prints. Brought to you by Grimes (Claire Boucher) herself. Not the biggest fan (musically), I do like to keep an open mind and portray an unbiased view, so here goes. Kudos to fashion devilment and the likes.

fa81296ee84f980673736e129bb2249e.jpg 26a3e3ee2fa77430676a8de389a9ab1a.jpg

She must have taken a leaf out of Kenzo’s lookbook (below)


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M for Moccasin

I can’t help it, but I’m going through a moccasin slash loafer obsessions this past fortnight. I am off on my annual purge to Italy in another week and a bit. I suppose one could say I’ve already started my shopping list. I can tell you the Gucci loafer slippers are top of my (very long) list!

M for Moccasin


Gucci black leather shoes
€705 –

Gucci horsebit loafer
€760 –

Gucci loafer

Robert Clergerie slip on loafer
€385 –

Flat loafer
€31 –

The black plain ones (see below) are just as beautiful as any Gucci moccasin. The open back allows for easy access. The small, thin base heel allows for comfort and the leather front offers quality and durability. A trip to Zara this weekend sounds inevitable, doesn’t it?!
I’m mostly looking forward to wearing the open heel as they can be paired perfect without a stocking as the tail end of the summer still lingers. But, also I see them as a transitional type of shoe as they can be worn with a light sock with jeans or 3/4’s or simply with a pair of black tights and a dress/skirt. They will become a core part of my autumn wardrobe. The rest of my shoes best make some room.

The Funky Sweatshirt

I love Sundays, simply because I love to go down to my (now I can finally say it) local and pick up the Sunday Times. I’m ne’er a foot in the door and I rip the plastic insert to shreds to reveal that all important ‘Style’ magazine.


Above left: Grey Merino Wool Giraffe-Sleeve Sweater (€230) Right: Love Moschino Long- Sleeve Sweater (€205)

Flossie Saunder’s Sunday fashion tips decorate my day. She recently did an interesting article on the comeback of the casual statement sweatshirt. I’m not quite convinced how great I look in them, however it does make me appreciate a good sweater, especially oversized.


Above: Left: Sugarhill Boutique Nita Curious Cat Jumper, Navy (€32) & Wearing Top Mr.Cat Print Loose Sweater from (€27)

I am trying to wean myself off oversized tops but I’m finding it hard to breakaway. Perhaps the funky sweaters in this blog might convince me. I plucked them from Polyvore. Here are a few of my favourites.



Above right: Fendi fur-embellished cotton-blend sweater (€ 1,179)  & left: Banjo & Matilda star-intarsia cashmere sweater (€345)

Slap on a pair of your favourite comfortable jeans. Let’s go with a pair of high-waisted baggy ones. I’m thinking Jackie from That 70’s show or  casual Abby Ewing from Knots Landing. Messy hair bun, funky new sweater and a pair of aviators. I think we’re in business.


Here is my favourite pick. What a cute little gem, and for a fine price tag of €15 from I absolutely adore this mustard color. Pair with skinny jeans, high heel ankle boot and oversized tote. A shiny million dollars you will look.