Rainy Days

Rainy Days


So we don’t necessarily mind if it rains in Ireland, right? Not if the temperatures are up and spirits to boot. Why not put your best foot forward and rig yourself out in on of these bright and smashing rain coats?

Topshop Metallic Rain Coat.

Here are a few of my selected favourite rain macs on the high streets this week. I just love this metallic  longline mac from Topshop. It’s now only 48 quid reduced from almost 70!

So embrace those rainy early summer days and get your fun macs on. With a fancy umbrella in hand, go dance in the rain.

23146966.jpg    Thank you for reading!
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Burberry cape coat
€275 – therealreal.com

Glamorous purple jacket
€115 – dollskill.com

Clear shoes
€32 – walmart.com

Green umbrella
€27 – buytra.com

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