Mish Mosh en Francaise.

Mish Mosh


Inspired by my current French adventures through Bretagne, I was compelled to piece together a maritime-je-m’apelle-Fabienne-styled outfit.  Note the introduction of wintere-sque items ( leather gloves and beret) to balance the savoury coloured blend of reds and blues.
A must for all who are living near a market. Ownership of a handmade, woven basket is the upmost necessity for your Saturday morning spree. Fill it with a delightful bunch of fresh sunflowers or peonies. Fill it with what makes you happy and do so clad in a comfortable pair of loafers, wool jumper and a french spring in your step.
Thank you for reading,
Fiona ™

Envious of Emma

I jave no idea where that title has emerged from but I have to stick with it now!

When I laid down the dress on my second set below, I felt it was the type of dress an Emma would wear!

The first collage is a career head outfit for sure. My inspiration is from my favorite Dublin wine bar I frequented last night. For some reason it was full of power hungry egos. (I’m sure they were all perfectly lovely women) but you get my drift!

The ‘Emma’ collage is a cute library look. Grab your dearest lace dress, fake (or real) spectacles. With the optional oxfords, grab your bike and you’re on your way.