Irregular Choice Boutique, Carnaby.

The ‘Donut Worry’ Cutest Tote to keep your lippy, blush and personal items safely locked away.

Skipping down soho some few weekends ago, I was almost blinded by the stream of color pouring from beyond and behind the shop windows at number 35 Carnaby Street.

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Blown away by the array of teal glitter and rainbow heels, sunshades were almost in order.

roll up! Roll up!

Now if you are Disney fan, a Toy Story fan, fear now, there are feet furniture to suit all needs and desires. How cute are these starry, carnival- themed ankle boots? With a sprinkling of velvet and a tickling of feathers, how can we not but adore these cuties?

A Puffin Slider you say!

Black, suede, block-heel sliders? Irregular Choice has got you covered. With a scalloped, pink edge, it’s embroidered trim drapes delicately over the dorsum of the foot. What’s not to love about this elegant display of avian royalty? Ask for the Poco Loco.

Jurassotops Urban Snicker

The above is not for the faint hearted! Feeling a little Godzilla-ish? Then this is your pick

The ‘Hunnie bunnie’ coming it at €135.

The Hunnie Bunnie offers a Saturday night and a Sunday afternoon option. Swap the bunny heel for a glitter wedge platform for brunch hour. No need to trade the soft pink fluff and heart motifs. They stay!

My Other Little Pony

Fancy making an entrance on a Friday night? Stride out of the house and into your Castle with this fantasy moat for your feet.

Someone say Old-Fashioned? Get out of town!

High heels, flats, runners, brogues, show stoppers? Irregular Choic does exactly what it says on the tin. Available in ‘Office’ and ‘Schuh’ in ROI as far as I know. but for a true treat, go seek futile fashionable footwear in Carnaby Street. Then, do out and paint that town red.


  • This is not a sponsored blog.
  • I do not get paid or sponsored or subsidised in any way to promote the products in Irregular Choice.
  • All photographs are my own.

Dior at the V&A

Thanks to my wonderful boss and mentor, (who, in her former life was Christian’s right hand lady!), strongly advised a peek at the exhibition before it sold out. What a treasure trove of greatness awaited me.

Please enjoy the beautiful photographs below which, thanks to the staff at the V&A allowed me kindly take.

Favourite outfit? Sorry, no can do! There are far too many to choose.

I urge you however to go and view this exciting trail of creation by this dazzling master and those he mentored before his death.

Running until September, 2019 members go free plus guest.

Ina admittance, I am secretly drawn to all things Dior since my visit. Even a mundane walk through Stanstead duty free is suddenly alive with scents of Miss Dior taking the edge of what formerly was a rushed, hectic brisk walk to the departure lounge.

I’m afraid these photographs simply do not do any justice, but it’s the closet we will get to the wonderful craftsmanship of such an idol that was Monsieur Christian Dior.

My London Fashion Week

Please enjoy my selection of photos I took at 180 Strand for #LFW.

All photographs are my own and copyright.

Classic camel brown coat

Black and white done VERY well!

Photographer taking a break in this statement bomber jacket.

This duo. This.

Photographer and model having fun.

My two latest Japanese blogger followers

Purple following green.

Yellow hair in the Westminster borough. Whoever would have thought?

Yours Truly! @Queenfimac

Denim, trench and teddy bear meshed.

Sponsored by Toni & Guy?!

Coats Galore


Inspired by a murky but relatively mild January weekend, I decided to whip up another fashion blog. This week it’s all about the jacket and coat.

I am aware we are halfway (and more)  through our winter but I still haven’t quite make up my mind if I like the padded quilted jacket. ‘Hurry on’, I hear the cyber echoes.


Left to Right: Alexander McQueen, Chanel and Sacai. Source:

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Festive Frocking

Why I chose the verb frocking for my blog title, I’m not entirely sure but I feel the closest explanation could be is that it sounds festive and fun and rhymes with Rocking Around the Christmas Tree ( insert tune humming).



Courtesy of #combyne fashion ap. @balenciaga @MarleneBirger @ Nike @Monki


I chose this Monki loose tunic dress as my canvas. I decided to prep with peach and mustard overtones and making it a nice casual piece. This is my idea of a classic and high street combination outfit, perfect for running around for last minute New Years preparation chores or doing a spot of bargain shopping in the city. Flat trainers are all the rage of 2018 so perhaps they will translate in to the early days of 2019.

  • Dress by Monki (EUR30)
  • Scarf by Marlene Birger (EUR110)
  • Trainers by Nike (EUR85)
  • Balenciaga backpack (EUR1,590)




I am in love with the color teal all year and I feel it is the perfect clash and contrast color (in a good way!) This outfit is especially paired for a sophisticated lunch or dinner and, minus the beret, an Auld Lang Syne party bash.

  • Boot are from New Look (EUR27)
  • Dress is Monki ( EUR30)
  • Tartan and leopard tote is Michael Kors Collection by Michael Kors (EUR2,190)
  • Beret is Topshop (EUR13)

So here are 2 ideas of casual versus party outfits for you. Whatever you chose, try have one block/main color theme and from there accessorise to your heart’s content.  Also, another quick piece of advice: Don’t plan ahead too much in advance. It’s usually a fashion fail! And try have a sneaky ‘old meets new’ woven in to your look. Have a think about that as you ring in the 2019 on Monday night.


Happy New Year to all my lovely readers and blog followers out there! Thank you for your continued support in reading and following my fashion blogs.



Let’s get Wardrobe Cosy

I know it’s no MaxMara but it means your life savings will still be intact and you don’t have to go hungry after this purchase. Think dark blue jeans, white boyfriend shirt and flat ankle boots. One word: Sorted.

I need this. I love this. Let’s hope it doesn’t go bally, eh? Another reason to curl up by the fire and welcome hygge into your gorgeous home.

Eudon Choi’s AW’18 collection from LFW nails it. Knit mix with patent leather in mustard, green and white is your go-to look.

Oversize done brilliantly with Alexander E. Jones. Loving the glimmer of gold glitter. Reminds me of the last of a sunset, just as late Autumn threatens.

Plucked from Zara

Printed tunic (belted) €59.99

My sister recently sent me a dress she was interested in purchasing online and that was the end of that. The rest of the evening spiraled into a haze of online browsing. Here is a list of literally what I clicked in to my cyber shopping bag.

Color block ribbed dress €39.99

So if this hasn’t tickled your fancy yet then maybe this will. Here is a stunning bohemian chic patchwork dress. A bib of graduated blue and terracotta fastened by a track of pearly white buttons, this is ensemble would make the polished penny feel a million bucks.

I am not especially fond of cowboy boots so this wouldn’t be my complete look, however this easy breezy number would be dazzling in any footwear. Trainers, flats, kitten heel or 6 inch razor blades.

Want a splash of color pop to take you through to the tail end of the summer? Then this is your pick right here. A nice deep petrol blue and mustard yellow.

Want a splash of color pop to take you through to the tail end of the summer? Then this is your pick right here. A nice deep petrol blue and mustard yellow shroud will steer you with gentle confidence in to the start of those evenings right before the crispy, cool air comes-a-blowing.

I love these black and white sliders. Overkill to say the least with the color block knot dress but a winner with jeans.

I love these black and white sliders. Overkill to say the least with the color block knot dress but a winner with jeans. I’m waiting for it to be okay to wear with black tights coming in to the Autumn season.

The sliders above are both on sale for under a tenner. Now if that’s not a steal…

So, go ahead and make your pick in a click.

Please note this is not a sponsored blog. I literally write for the love of fashion. These photos are from Zara’s own website. I have cropped and edited.

Thank you for reading.


Random Sunday Spotting

So today I’ve decided to do something a little different. I’m uploading shots (all unfiltered) of random shoppers in my local shopping centre/plaza. I’m calling them random names and giving them a phoney job title, based on what their chosen outfit. Bit of fantasy, but what the hell.


Li likes monochrome (evidently). She mixes high street with designer. The pleated skirt is Stella McCartney, t-shirt is New Look and trainers are Office. I faintly make out a cute Winnie the Pooh keyring.

Sports Direct Sales Assistants

Tara and Marc

Tara, a Sports Direct Sales Assistant (left) and her brother, Marc bringing her McDonald’s lunch. They chat about their imminent night plans ahead. Tara wears Adidas trainers and a mixture of Primark and Sports Direct. Her sibling wears a t-shirt by Ben Sherman from Debenhams and shorts are River Island.


Here’s Angela, always in a rush. I expect her outfit is brought to us by Marks & Spencer. Wedges have got to be by Aldo. Bag is DKNY at TkMax. We do like her choice in flowers though.


Roisin originally from Beijing, now lives in Dublin. A full-time mum. All her clothes are from China: beach flip flops, asymmetric pencil skirt, De Maison oversized tee and baseball hat.

James and Garreth

Recent Arts graduates, they discuss what they will do about their Australian visas. Concentrating all their attention on baseball hats selection, they failed to take the same careful care to their shoes. I’ll bet they even paid a fortune for them! NOT a fan of the mixed, chaotic colour palette. Jack & Jones head to toe.

Happy weekend!

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Get Your Picnic On

If you do not want thoughts of all things Mother of Pearl , then do not read on. I finally got to sit down this morning and read the Sunday Times Style Magazine (all 4/7 later I know). Laura Atkinson’s style barometer was en pointe. She thrust me in to a picnic-themed blog frenzy and here we are.


Luella Navy Check Blanket with Carrier.


Can we discuss the picnic bag- a luella navy check blanket with tan carrier bag. Is it a bag with a blanket or a blanket with bag? Either way I’m loving the navy and tan palate.


As I research Mother of Pearl this morning, I am drawn from the original idea of writing about picnic and basket/ beach bags to pure picnic talk. Whoever would have though there was so much to discuss. The TV show ‘Keeping up Appearances’ springs to mind when I say the word. I have no idea why. I guess Amy Powney delved deep in to the Yorkshire landscape for this fabulous SS18 collection as inspiration. Next, I envision all things gingham.


Check these babies out. The ‘Amber’ mule , also by Mother of Pearl. You can wrap the silk in multiple ways to suit your picnic needs.


Maise Striped Dress in Bue silk

Fancy some silk knots wrapped around gold rings? This plunging back V midi is the one for you. Pair with them stunning gingham Amber sandals and your ready for your cucumber, crustless sandwich cut.


The Aspen Striped Shirt; how delightful! The split, silk cuff is held together by a dainty pearl and chain; Attention to detail spot on. Pass me the prosecco, I would definitely picnic in this.

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To Ezpopsy or Not to Ezpopsy?

Dusting cobwebs off my MacBook gand digits), I’m finally coming up for air. If only I could type as fast as my eyes have fed over this past month’s Vogue, HFM or Grazia.

I have discovered, upon my Instagram flicking, this lovely pop-up advert called Ezpopsy. I’m fairly certain they’re made in China. “Sure isn’t that where most are?” says you. Anyway after some research nevertheless, you know when you click the ‘About Us’ section on a website, some more information pops up on the founder, well I’m still none the wiser. If anyone knows more about this founder can one contact me? Lets not hold that against their creativity though. Shall we?

How stunning are these dresses? I don’t know about the rest of you but I can see Grace Kelly in that bottle green, aline laced version above.

I’m thinking Gucci met Mufassa at some point in this little full length bowtie maxi. I love the symmetry which as a rule, goes against my grain, but for some reason I need not debate this stunning piece.

Two piece, pretty in pink. Hermès and Carolina Herrera have baby and this is the end product. Either way, I am a fan. Maria Buffini this would look good on you.

Ezpopsy. Worth the look.