To Ezpopsy or Not to Ezpopsy?

Dusting cobwebs off my MacBook gand digits), I’m finally coming up for air. If only I could type as fast as my eyes have fed over this past month’s Vogue, HFM or Grazia.

I have discovered, upon my Instagram flicking, this lovely pop-up advert called Ezpopsy. I’m fairly certain they’re made in China. “Sure isn’t that where most are?” says you. Anyway after some research nevertheless, you know when you click the ‘About Us’ section on a website, some more information pops up on the founder, well I’m still none the wiser. If anyone knows more about this founder can one contact me? Lets not hold that against their creativity though. Shall we?

How stunning are these dresses? I don’t know about the rest of you but I can see Grace Kelly in that bottle green, aline laced version above.

I’m thinking Gucci met Mufassa at some point in this little full length bowtie maxi. I love the symmetry which as a rule, goes against my grain, but for some reason I need not debate this stunning piece.

Two piece, pretty in pink. Hermès and Carolina Herrera have baby and this is the end product. Either way, I am a fan. Maria Buffini this would look good on you.

Ezpopsy. Worth the look.

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