I am Mourning



Needless to say I have trawled through the internet tonight after the gazillion postings and tags of me by friends on Instagram. The likes of ” Spits of you” et cetera et cetera, I simply had to repost.

The above is taken from vogue.com and it depicts the soft quilted sculptures by Pierpaolo Piccioli no less for the untouchable Moncler AW 2018. We likey.


The above is particularly appropriate as my other half has decide to up and leave for the US for a seven week music tour (grr). I shall carry on as I always do and throw myself in to my beloved fashion as a means of soothing myself and my tears (gulp). I choose this wonderful creation by Kei Ninomiya, from the Japanese Noir brand ( representing Moncler’s AW18 collection) as a reflection of my feelings for tonight. Noir, dark and sublime.


Not to end on such a morbid note, I have picked this cheery little cherry number from Simone Rocha as a pinch of sugar on my latest fashion note.  Having spent some time on my travels in various Japanese cities, lolita is the first thing that springs to mine on this little number.

Any thoughts?

23146966.jpg    Thank you for reading!
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