Dior at the V&A

Thanks to my wonderful boss and mentor, (who, in her former life was Christian’s right hand lady!), strongly advised a peek at the exhibition before it sold out. What a treasure trove of greatness awaited me.

Please enjoy the beautiful photographs below which, thanks to the staff at the V&A allowed me kindly take.

Favourite outfit? Sorry, no can do! There are far too many to choose.

I urge you however to go and view this exciting trail of creation by this dazzling master and those he mentored before his death.

Running until September, 2019 members go free plus guest.

Ina admittance, I am secretly drawn to all things Dior since my visit. Even a mundane walk through Stanstead duty free is suddenly alive with scents of Miss Dior taking the edge of what formerly was a rushed, hectic brisk walk to the departure lounge.

I’m afraid these photographs simply do not do any justice, but it’s the closet we will get to the wonderful craftsmanship of such an idol that was Monsieur Christian Dior.