Hello Casual November

My recent uploaded blogs were all beginning with apologies for not blogging earlier, but I’m not going to apologise this time! It wouldn’t be fair on your ears (or eyes) to read my long list of excuses, so, I’m simply getting straight to it!

I blame the death of Polyvore (sorry, I know I said I wouldn’t begin excusing myself). Thanks to a lovely new app, I can now resume business as usual and upload my delightful new fashion collages to whet your appetite.

I know those heavy masculine, hiker type boots are all in but I can’t seem to come around to them at all. I’m sure they are hugely comfortable but.. I will have to bow out if this trend. I did decide to upload a cool new look for those of you ‘on the go’. Finish the busy look with the cosiest of puffa jackets (Columbia) and a spritz of your favourite perfume. I’ve chosen Narcisco Rodriguez this week. I’m practically swallowing it in my duty free prancing!

My look 2 is generated by more of the same mentioned above. Designed for the stylish in mind but those that simply don’t have the time to put together a manicured look. (Manicure is so 2002 anyway!)

Moschino long trench enveloped in shmancy Balenciaga ladies tote, Dita shades and Ash white leather sneakers. Needless to say the latter look is a higher end. Option 1 a more affordable look, equally as darling.

For finer details, hit me up and I shall point you in the correct shopping direction.

For now, I am delighted to be back in my blogging buzz. Expect a little more updated publishings soon.

Thank you for reading.

Happy weekend folks!


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