Coats Galore


Inspired by a murky but relatively mild January weekend, I decided to whip up another fashion blog. This week it’s all about the jacket and coat.

I am aware we are halfway (and more)  through our winter but I still haven’t quite make up my mind if I like the padded quilted jacket. ‘Hurry on’, I hear the cyber echoes.


Left to Right: Alexander McQueen, Chanel and Sacai. Source:


Lest not forget across the pond Calvin Klein. The two below are from the Resort 2019 Collection. The layering of the preppy blazers shows a certain element of sophistication but yields a fifty fifty masculine femininity; Ivy League going for a disco in a food mixer.


Never a huge fan of gilets but I will hand it to this model. The story behind it is: A determined business associate on top. On bottom: Your 30-year old best mate trying to get over a breakup on a Friday evening at the local happy hour. What best way to tie it up but with a coral padded gilet. I’m loving the length.


If you’re looking for class and a lean-on-me coat , the Lester is our choice. Brought to you courtesy of ‘Mother of Pearl’. Yes you read this right; it is made from recycled wool. A tan color paired perfect with your favourite boyfriend jeans, Lululemon black yoga pants or a skirt. Trainers, mules, brogues will all go really tastefully with it. It’s a perfect day to night coat in fact. Only for I spent my life savings on a MaxMara camel coat last year, this would already be in my shopping cart.


Serious fashion not to be worn too seriously.

-Mother of Pearl

Thank you for reading my January post!


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