Red, White, Blue.

It has nothing to do with July fourth for two reasons: One, I spent way too many fourth of my Julys in the United States, way too much for an Irish lass, and two, I’m simply far too late with this blog to be celebrating such madness. No I am merely scanning through polyvore ( my newfound religion) and there looking back at me is this beautiful linen striped dress. Around that is what I based this weeks fashion collage.
Red, White, Blue.


There’s really nothing else too it. I blended red with obvious whites- it being summer and all. I randomly stumbled across this cute mini satchel and wove the rest of the outfit together. What blue, red and whites do you have lying about?
D’Marge showed the effortless effort of these fancy Italian street guys. They have used some of my primary colors mentioned to blend their look of the days. Perfectly imperfect or sprezzatura as D’marge like to put it. I think it works.
I really and truly have no idea who this lady is but she sure as hell is on a mission. I love it. Another classic; crisp, white jumpsuit no less,  broken by blue patent sling backs (good sensible ones at that) and an all important red mini handbag and belt. Clean, simple yet effective.
Red, blue and white: Let that be your humpday ethos tomorrow.
Thank you for reading,
Fiona ~

Lace versus Leaf

Whilst lace is pretty, leaf is cool. And what better way to convey your summer wardrobe is through this trend, en vogue leaf print. It definitely rings Dolce and Gabana (for those of you following catwalk and fashion weeks, you should know). Lucky for us, the high street have some cute finds that won’t flog your purse and plastic.
What else do you need? Look at these beauties. All sorts of forest get up. Bottle green, lime green, apple green, teal green. I know I did a leaf print blog several weeks ago but I love so much I thought ‘what the heck’.
Look at these little darlings, a pair of tropical leaf embellishement on the Dolce Vita Kevin Slide flat sandal. $70 on Nordstrom! Slide on down that credit card on a cropped top with high waist matching shorts. And guess what? They’re also leaf print!
Lace versus Leaf


Chicwish brown top
€32 –

Maxi skirt
€305 –

Gold shoes
€215 –

Mini purse

Aaaand yet again, thank you for reading my blogs. Stay tuned for more! Have a delightful weekend.