How to Wear A Trouser Suit

The trouser suit comes in all different shapes and sizes needless to say. I once even owned a pinstripe one. I was only 12! Get yours in velvet, get it in baggy linen, get it in stiff scarlet red drainpipes. Get one in grey safe, la mode du jour herringbone. Get it in wacky slime green like the Gucci scandalous one. Get a stickler black one from Zara. Topshop even do a non sleeve pink wrap around top to match their bottoms! Play it safe or don’t. Go half way with a pussy bow tie silk blouse underneath. Go mad with loads of “Save the Last Dance” chunky gold and a purple long 70’s bandana. Shake a few moth balls on your grandmothers’ burgundy wool beret. Platforms, moccasin loafers, fur sliders, adidas runners- plenty of ways to dress the feet.


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From Diane Von Furstenberg to Asos. Mark Jacobs to River Island. The Trouser Suit proves itself that it can be transported forward backward and side ways in time. It even exists in a parallel universe; catwalk and street. Look at this little devil from M&S Christmas partywear:


M&S Pink Velvet Trouser Suit

In reference to her Tartan Trouser Suit she once appeared in on the screen, Keaton as her role in “Annie Hall” sported the bowler cap, wide baggy trouser, necktie and jacket, and well she’s been doing so ever since!

‘It’s not the worst tragedy’- Diane Keaton


A good old-fashioned plaid two-piece is classic. If your bold enough to wear a tartan print get out there and wear it. Besides, if it’s anytime you’re going to get away with it it’s this season. Festivities, mistletoe, Christmas parties and mince pies. Don your tartan trouser suit and drench it’s spirit in mulled wine!


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Aran Sweaters Galore

Way, way behind on my November blogs people; I am aware. I have made a dent on my Christmas shopping and I have written an errands list the length of me arm (and it’s a long arm). HOWEVER, thanks to Mrs. Claus I got some quick sharp (and festive) inspiration and decided to base my next blog on Aran jumpers.


Cable Knit Funnel Neck Jumper by M&S.

Here are a few of my pics, sourced from the ole reliable Polyvore. Prices are variable but I like to think my readers and audience can decide for themselves which they think looks the best quality.


The Aran sweater has nothing to offer but warmth, versatility, quality and has stood the test of time. From Tommy Makem to the fisherman, from Mrs Claus to your grandmother. If the aran jumper was a person, it would be your closest friend.


Wear your aran (or cable knit cousin) with jeans or some nice black leggings and a neutral heeled ankle boot. Complete your cosy winter look with a chunky-knit scarf and a french beret to sprinkle it with a touch of class.



I came across a beauty in a second hand consignment store in Camden Town on April 1st this year. It was the hottest day of the year 2015 in London that I was turned off buying one and how I now regret that dearly. So after all that, if you don’t own an aran sweater, get one, find or at least ask Santa for one.


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Weekend Cosy

Oh how lovely it is since the clocks went back. The nights have drawn in that bit quicker. The cosies are coming on earlier and its not guilt you feel when you’re in front of the box in your pyjamas by 7!
Weekend Cosy
Heres a collaboration of some of my favourite picks I have put together to take you through the weekend. The above set is for day time wearing on a Saturday running errands or meeting your mate for a nice hot chocolate and a natter. Its easier, its comfortable yet presentable and take zero effort!
This set is lounge-around-home type of gear. I always liked the look of the grey matching college track suit. Even match it with some white slouch socks for that all-American look.
Happy lounging this weekend!
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Top Listings: Iris Ink grey sweater, €200 / Yves Saint Laurent capri, €1.890 / Charlotte Olympia slip on shoes, €445 / Mansur Gavriel hand bag, €460