Random Sunday Spotting

So today I’ve decided to do something a little different. I’m uploading shots (all unfiltered) of random shoppers in my local shopping centre/plaza. I’m calling them random names and giving them a phoney job title, based on what their chosen outfit. Bit of fantasy, but what the hell.


Li likes monochrome (evidently). She mixes high street with designer. The pleated skirt is Stella McCartney, t-shirt is New Look and trainers are Office. I faintly make out a cute Winnie the Pooh keyring.

Sports Direct Sales Assistants

Tara and Marc

Tara, a Sports Direct Sales Assistant (left) and her brother, Marc bringing her McDonald’s lunch. They chat about their imminent night plans ahead. Tara wears Adidas trainers and a mixture of Primark and Sports Direct. Her sibling wears a t-shirt by Ben Sherman from Debenhams and shorts are River Island.


Here’s Angela, always in a rush. I expect her outfit is brought to us by Marks & Spencer. Wedges have got to be by Aldo. Bag is DKNY at TkMax. We do like her choice in flowers though.


Roisin originally from Beijing, now lives in Dublin. A full-time mum. All her clothes are from China: beach flip flops, asymmetric pencil skirt, De Maison oversized tee and baseball hat.

James and Garreth

Recent Arts graduates, they discuss what they will do about their Australian visas. Concentrating all their attention on baseball hats selection, they failed to take the same careful care to their shoes. I’ll bet they even paid a fortune for them! NOT a fan of the mixed, chaotic colour palette. Jack & Jones head to toe.

Happy weekend!

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