LFW Feb 2016- Part 2


Well if it wasn’t military style with military style precision, then Burberry have gone and blinded me. Dazzling the front rowers in fish nets, chunky block heels, fern green furs and black velvet numbers. As fabulous as ever. Here are a few more of my favourite picks from London Fashion Week last week (February 2016).


Alice Temperley’s stunning designs echoed a bohemian gypsy style. Large embroidered capes paired with gigantic bowties and denims. The pastel and baby blues soften the wild vagabond-type attire, offering an occasional glimpse of elegance.


Temperley London. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Alexander McQueen: The crème de la crème who showed for the first time in quite some time at London Fashion Week. Butterflies seemed to be a hidden, yet not such a subtle theme of the showcase.


“McQueen is fundamentally British and London is where it’s based and where we all live and work…There’s a freedom of expression in London that makes it feel right.” – Sarah Burton (Porter Magazine)


“It’s a bloody duvet”, mocks the general unstylish nobodies of the public! But it’s couture I rebut. It’s sensual, soft, plush, cosy and to-die-for! Get on me. Coffee, gold, green and pink, embossed silks and satin. Need I go on?

Speaking of pink. Check out this darling outer coat from the one and only Simone Rocha. A shy quiet dark haired girl whom I spent a year going to school with. (I’m sure she doesn’t even know who I am) but what a talent she grew up to be.


Look at those off-the-shoulder, magnified bell sleeve. I love a good elongated belt. The peter pan collar reminds me of a sixties style. I am absolutely in love with this piece.


This outfit (above) is another of my favourite from Simone’s collection. A two piece classic black. Can I say this in the nicest possible of ways; it reminds me of a porcelain clowns outfit? The delicate ruffles are the cutest. It’s neat, quirky and most of all elegant. Another beauty has been born.

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LFW Feb 2016- Part 1


How absolutely magnificent is Paul Costello? I mean all you have to do is stop and stare. I have picked my three favorite looks from his AW 2016 collection. What a difficult decision it was but boy am I proud of my winners. On the top right is an impressive full length dress. Sexy and naughty but sophisticated. It’s asymmetric shoulder and sleeves are daring but if you don’t know me by now I’m all about balancing. The models right neck and shoulder is swaddled in an abundance of embossed lame. The zip down the left sleeve is brash but is absolutely stunning in its entirety (and I’m not fan of the non-functional zip!)


The playful red and black check short coat is to die for. I spent several weeks in Japan last spring and it reminded me so much of the Harajuku girls who used to strut their stuff every Saturday afternoon near the Shibuya crossing. What beautiful craftsman ship from Costello.


Speaking of Tokyo-inspired fashion, Steven Tai’s mouth-watering collection oozes cute and comfortable. I, unfortunately do not have the opportunity to go to the catwalk shows in London, Milan or New York (just yet) so I can only go by media and professional photographs. Textures are sometimes difficult to define and scrutinise. I can’t say what fabric the “steventai” label has actually chose here, but I can tell you it works like a dream.


I have never posted any blogs for the men, but this stunner from the Central Saint Martins MA collection had me all over it. I tend to be a bit daring and edgy with what I wear (I’m not blowing my own horn) but seriously, try it. I do happen to have a taller frame (just under 5ft10″) so I would happily put my hand on my heart and say “I’d wear this!” Sleek, long, textured and so ultimately tailored. Kudos!

So, there is a small slice of my favourites from day one and a half of London Fashion Week for February 2016. I will be adding a part 2 and possibly even a third over the coming days.

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The Classic Turtleneck

According to Refinery 29, the first turtlenecks appeared sometime between the 13th and 15th centuries. As one source on Medieval history reports, high-collared garments were a part of the men’s overcoats and served to protect his body from armor worn over them, such as breastplates and heavy metal objects. Thankfully, today, we don’t have to worry about battle outfits. Dressing for  day at the office or luncheon with the girls is about as tough as modern day society gets.


Audrey Hepburn in a classic black turtleneck

Martin Grant delivers the prime example of how the turtle neck can be dressed up for a night time event, yet displays categories of soft, playful textures. Look how the turtle neck can be tucked in to a high waisted, A-line skirt. Classic, conservative yet elegant.


Martin Grant, Pre Fall 2015, available on http://www.martingrantparis.com

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela’s cropped wool turtleneck sweater from Net-A-Porter (below) illustrates the ability of the turtleneck to create a sexy edge as well as a classic black aura of sophistication. An ever-so-subtle split in the cropped turtle gives just enough breathing room before we continue to eye the outfit head to toe. A playful peek of the midriff here is the perfect balance from the high necked sweater, long sleeves and long baggy pants.



MM6 Maison Margiela. Crop wool turtleneck sweater $263, available on Net-A-Porter.

The Turtleneck, like anything , has indeed evolved over time. Such example is the turtle midi dress shown below. It is a modern twist on what once was a traditional, conventional item of clothing. Today’s trends and fashion know no limits. Just do bear the following in mind:

  • If your chosen sweater is bulky on top, opt for a tighter look below waist such as leggings, skinny jeans or, my all time favourite, pencil skirt.
  • Try sweep your hair up and back off the face. Tie it in a severe pony tail, or wear up in a messy bun on top. Because the turtle neck is by its very nature a neck clinger, allow it it’s platform.
  • Avoid fussiness and excess accessories around the head and neck; no long drop earrings, no neck scarves and steer clear of hats in my opinion.



Tibi. Turtleneck merino wool midi dress, $417 available also from Net-A-Porter.

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Dear Dagne Dover


It started out as an online love affair. Before she knew it she was the owner of a spanking new mini tote by the one and only Dagne Dover.


She chose the Mini Tote in midnight blue. She had enough black handbags. Grant it she was  not afraid to sport a vibrant mustard or a lime green Kate Spade, but since we were still technically in winter she opted for this little stunner. It goes perfect with her  midnight blue MaxMara S coat. The perfect ensemble.


So what’s so great  about this bag anyway? It is approximately 12 inches in measurement. There is a detachable strap for a more casual, messenger look. Personally, she prefers  the more dainty look simply slinging it over the elbow. It has two inside padded secret pockets, big enough for her  7″ phablet and iPad.


You can see on the far left where her water flask neatly sits! Since she  travel for work a lot, she is often thirsty. She carries both her prescription glasses and Betsey Johnson sunnies in a another inside nook, along with her stash of candy.


Her Kate Spade travel wallet, passport, diary and her new  11″ MacBook Air, too, fit. She is simply in love with this new addition to her bag collection. Check out the secret compartment right at the bag’s exterior. It’s perfect for safe storage or for something you use regularly.


Fiona’s hectic travel schedule has certainly been made a hell of a lot smoother with the introduction of this little gem. So much so she is thinking of investing in the 15 inch large tote. Go and invest ladies. This will turn your working lives around. Check out their website for more details on http://www.dagnedover.com

Please note this is not a paid blog. The blogger invested in her own tote and all photographs are copyright.