Weekend Diaries

So can someone please explain to me why this weekend went by Concord-fast? What is with that. And Monday will be a drag. So I’m going to preserve what little time I have here and enjoy my Sunday drippings with some fashion fixes.
Below, I have put together a mix of some cute pastel sleepwear. I just love silky slips, don’t you?
I put together this collage below of some fun and funky bright colours. Mustard has seriously been on my radar for the past couple of weeks. I’ve paired it with bold black to take one in to a nice chic Sunday evening. (Just in case you had some last minute dates or nightcaps to attend)

Weekend Collage by fionamccabedotcom.com ©

 I hope thats some weekly inspiration for you, dear readers. Go rig out some of your best and favourite weekend wear. There’s plenty of time!

23146966.jpg    Thank you for reading!
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Acne Studios pink top
€335 – matchesfashion.com

Roksanda yellow skirt
€860 – matchesfashion.com

Yves Saint Laurent pointed-toe pumps
€500 – fashionette.co.uk

Handbags tote

Guys are for Spring

I’m finally doing my next piece on menswear. (Phew). Short ‘n’ sweet, Ive picked an array of blues. Let me tell you contrasting shades of the same color is always a winner. Fling a little black in there for good measure (I’m easing myself gently in to spring!)

Et, voila…



And so the story continues with a sprig of coral or rust or whatever you like to call it. I’m seeing a lot of that right now for Spring/Summer season. I felt like being a little playful with the touch of leopard print. It’s probably the last of these furs for the year. One can just about get away with it for February.

 Below is my ‘Coolah Caley’ look which belongs to Shoreditch. Those of you who have been will understand.
Guys are for Spring


Oh and lads if you are reading this go easy on me. It’s not the easiest to write on your behalf but I’ll be damned if I don’t try!

Mens zip off pants
$33 – newchic.com

The Black Ears men s accessory
$50 – wolfandbadger.com

Weekend Cosy

Oh how lovely it is since the clocks went back. The nights have drawn in that bit quicker. The cosies are coming on earlier and its not guilt you feel when you’re in front of the box in your pyjamas by 7!
Weekend Cosy
Heres a collaboration of some of my favourite picks I have put together to take you through the weekend. The above set is for day time wearing on a Saturday running errands or meeting your mate for a nice hot chocolate and a natter. Its easier, its comfortable yet presentable and take zero effort!
This set is lounge-around-home type of gear. I always liked the look of the grey matching college track suit. Even match it with some white slouch socks for that all-American look.
Happy lounging this weekend!
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Weekend Wear Continues.

Weekend Wear Continues.


Kicking back this lovely Friday evening, I decided to do a small blog on weekend casual wear. This is not necessarily my own personal style, but I wanted to mix up what I would imagine I’d wear if I explored my boundaries. Im not really a trainers-wearing girl, other than out and about on my jogs. But, I managed to be open-minded and picked a cute pair of silver/ grey trainers with Mickey Mouse Print. Eye-catching and adorable, I simply had to include them.


I officially want this Fenty X Puma Overcoat. It has nothing to do with it having a Rhianna stamp of approval (honest, it really doesn’t). I just want it for the pure cosiness, kick back factor. Another reason to wear it on weekends. Its officially available now since September 6th. Check out packed.com for a few $400 odd. Perfect Sunday Times reading kimono, don’t you think?

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Fleece shirt
€16 – etsy.com

Yves Saint Laurent gray pants
€1.850 – mytheresa.com

Minnie Rose tinted glasses
€76 – therealreal.com

John Lewis gray scarve
€30 – johnlewis.com