Red, White, Blue.

It has nothing to do with July fourth for two reasons: One, I spent way too many fourth of my Julys in the United States, way too much for an Irish lass, and two, I’m simply far too late with this blog to be celebrating such madness. No I am merely scanning through polyvore ( my newfound religion) and there looking back at me is this beautiful linen striped dress. Around that is what I based this weeks fashion collage.
Red, White, Blue.


There’s really nothing else too it. I blended red with obvious whites- it being summer and all. I randomly stumbled across this cute mini satchel and wove the rest of the outfit together. What blue, red and whites do you have lying about?
D’Marge showed the effortless effort of these fancy Italian street guys. They have used some of my primary colors mentioned to blend their look of the days. Perfectly imperfect or sprezzatura as D’marge like to put it. I think it works.
I really and truly have no idea who this lady is but she sure as hell is on a mission. I love it. Another classic; crisp, white jumpsuit no less,  broken by blue patent sling backs (good sensible ones at that) and an all important red mini handbag and belt. Clean, simple yet effective.
Red, blue and white: Let that be your humpday ethos tomorrow.
Thank you for reading,
Fiona ~

A-Line + The Slipper

Powerful inspiration this week from the new February edition of Ireland’s very own February edition of Social and Personal . Established in 1934 for a damn reason… These fashion editors have the best ideas!
I put together a few of my picks  from the range of A-line skirts out there. Pair with a cute slipper or dare I say moccasin for a perfect silhouette.
A Line + The Slipper


Take some more inspiration from the wonderful new line from Mariella Burani. This is a beautiful rose pink A line pleat with a striped turtleneck. Stripes are the way to go this spring (see previous 2 blogs). I just think these slippers are one in a million. Do you think they come on sale yet?!

Mariella Burani SS17


Mariella Burani SS17

Happy Dressing!
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Burgundy Bliss

A retro student look.


300916 by rosemarykate featuring an enamel 
I came across this collage on polyvore just now and i thought it was just the prettiest selection of fashion mix and cute ladylike essentials.
Burgundy; THE current color en vogue for autumn. I love it. Its a transitional color, perfect for this time of year (as i type with my ox blood colored fingernails!)
I think its a stereotyped London student’s look. In a romantic sense of the word. Or the Oxfordshire PhD scholar as she unties her bike to the old ancient black railings of the studen union house: Loafers, leather satchel, flec framed spectacles and the list goes on.
Can you root out your burgundy business?

WithChic red coat
€50 –

Monki lacy bra
€17 –

Tennis socks
€5,34 –

Maybe Baby tassel loafer
€38 –

Zatchels handbag satchel
€145 –

Givenchy zipper wallet
€275 –

Jack Spade brown watch
€355 –

Hair accessory
€3,49 –

Retrò vintage round eyeglass
€23 –

Aesop face toner
€49 –

Dot Bo enamel mug
€9,78 –

Cretacolor Basic Drawing Sets
€13 –