Velvet Fancy

Be gone, skimpy silk slip dresses of summer! For the crisp beginnings of fall, the transitional look of eveningwear calls for something much more lush: velvet.
– Satenstein (Vogue)
Velvet Fancy


In the words of Liana Satenstein ” Be gone, skimpy silk slip dresses of summer! For the crisp beginnings of fall, the transitional look of evening wear calls for something much more lush: velvet….” I couldn’t have put it better myself. How lovely you will blend in to your grandmothers lush red curtains in her drawing room.
Get snug in this MiuMiu fur-trimmed rust orange velvet bomber jacket. Have a ball to attend? Why not opt for this stunning aqua velvet wrap gown by Bloomingdales?
A blue velvet cropped blouse by House of Holland would be perfectly canvassed with a long tulle skirt I reckon for that perfect fake, plastic, hippy I-don’t-give-a-crap look (when the truth of the matter is, you really do). A Downton Abbey- themed, Haloween bash would be apt for this little burgundy velvet number above.
This cute lace-trim velvet cami should do the trick for a quiet weekend in with the other half. Its only a mere twenty off quid from the brilliant Asos. And, if you really cant detach yourself from it upon facing the public, pair it with a black wool polo underneath, leggings and good ole reliable Doc Martens. (If you’re too young to understand what they are, pick your favourite pair of ankle boots). Gucci’s grand finale will do nicely if you have a few three grand to fork out on a velvet and lace macrame!
Now, there you have it; plenty of velvet experience right from the Autumn 2016 runway brought to your laptop’s portal front door!

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Johanna Ortiz victorian top
€630 –

Topshop pants
€61 –

Gianvito Rossi platform heel boots
€970 –

Dolce Gabbana leather man bag
€3.085 –

Shades of You (Blue)

This week I am in the Old North State of North Carolina. Blistering afternoon temperatures soar mid to high twenties. My Irish skin has me taking refuge in my hotel room during the peak, daylight hours. It also has me people watching from my window on the high seventeenth floor. Thanks to the hot summer sun, she gave me some fashion inspiration- Fair trade for keeping me imprisoned in my own room.

And so I figured, why not keep cool during these hot summer June days with a shade of cool blue?!

Shades of You (Blue)

Miu Miu cashmere shirt
$790 –

Rucksack bag

Self-portrait rose sunglasses
$155 –

Travel sun hat

Stackable glasses

Topshop nail polish
$8.68 –

Baby blues mixed with soft pinks will hide any trace of sunburn. Trendy en-vogue flip flops and a giant sunhat is the perfect combination guaranteed to keep you cool as a cucumber.
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