Gorgeous in Five.

It’s about time I got myself in top gear and began thrashing out some fashionable thoughts. Here are some of my favourites I picked that you too can easily pull together in just five minutes.

  1. Here, I decided to start with the top half. Since my trip to Japan and South Korea several years ago, I have been besotted by the bow-tie collar. I almost threw out a ribbon I got as part of my birthday gift from John and Katie. I saved it just so I could add it to my crisp white blouses. Take this little Gucci number for example. may tickle your fancy. Here I paired the navy/red pussy bow tie with a clean white canvas.

2. Think SuperGran (for those of us ancient enough to remember) or Rupert the Bear. You can’t go wrong with a set of tartan pins.

3. Gals, you need that all-important bag for your trinkets. Stash your mobile, wallet, makeup and keys in what I chose as a top handle ‘Sicily’ by D&G. Unfortunately it’s sold out of Net-A-Porter but I chose it simply because I long for colour in my wardrobe particularly at this time of year.

4. Coming in at number 4 for a mere 50$, you can snatch yourself a pair of Adidas Cloudfoam Advantage sneakers. Aiming to mix old with new, clean bold colour and pattern these originals will tie the look together just nicely.

5. Hey who doesn’t love a baker cap? Top off your look with this fun piece of head decor from Manokhi. Lest not forget winter still lingers.


So there you have it, my five top pieces to look outstanding in this mid point of the month. I hope you can take a leaf from my lookbook.

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Stepping out in Pink


With a decent shoe under you, you cannot go wrong. With the summer in full swing why not opt for the pretty pink look and match with canary yellow, crisp whites or even the ever-reliable denim.


This summer why not let your feet do the talking? Maison Margiela (above) boasts an electric sugar pink with toe spacers yielding deviousness. The ‘Tabi’ boots are all you will need.



What about these cute headed heels by Vivetta at Milan Fashion Week? My sister was funnily enough creeped out when I screenshot them to her. Needless to say she will not be borrowing them when I soon purchase them.

Last but certainly not least. I’m going to be truthful and tell you I haven’t a notion who designed these babies, but I love them. A hint of Christian Laboutin draped around the ankle. A Gucci frill on a masculine, oxford tipped brogue.; certainly a winner. I’d pair it with a marine striped maxi hugging dress and call it my own.

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Would you polka with me?

Would you dare to share your polka love? Would you daringly go head to toe like this young lady did at Milan Fashion Week? I simply love this outfit. This outfit seems loud but it works because she sticks to the same block colors; differing shades of navy, white and camel brown. And what a gamble throwing red in the mix. Look how she ties her accessories with this once choice of color; her lipstick, her nail varnish, sunglasses and the cute belt. Bravo!


Image courtesy of ImaxTree (2013).

An archived ‘LIFE’ magazine featured the polka dot mixed with a fabulous muslin shawl collar. Photographed by the one and only Nina Leen. This elegant lady was not afraid to show her dotty side to boot.


Photo credit: Nina Leen, circa 1955.

Esther Quek is never afraid to show her side of jest in Belgium’s ‘Style du Monde’ after the AW 2015 Prada Fashion Show. Sporting a playful red jumpsuit enveloped in white with black polka dot print, not a care in the word.


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