Guys are for Spring

I’m finally doing my next piece on menswear. (Phew). Short ‘n’ sweet, Ive picked an array of blues. Let me tell you contrasting shades of the same color is always a winner. Fling a little black in there for good measure (I’m easing myself gently in to spring!)

Et, voila…



And so the story continues with a sprig of coral or rust or whatever you like to call it. I’m seeing a lot of that right now for Spring/Summer season. I felt like being a little playful with the touch of leopard print. It’s probably the last of these furs for the year. One can just about get away with it for February.

 Below is my ‘Coolah Caley’ look which belongs to Shoreditch. Those of you who have been will understand.
Guys are for Spring


Oh and lads if you are reading this go easy on me. It’s not the easiest to write on your behalf but I’ll be damned if I don’t try!

Mens zip off pants
$33 –

The Black Ears men s accessory
$50 –


London, a city vibrant on the street and below. Traveling home from Wimbeldon to Kensington, my colleague (forever stylish) agreed to let me photograph him on the tube and tag his gear. I took this opportunity to list what he is wearing in the photo below and I created a collage of his ‘look for less’ seeing as Rohan has an expensive eye!


Above: Rohan wears brown hat by Scala Classico, bag by Ted Baker, overcoat by NA, jeans by Zara, t-shirt (All Saints) and trainers (Nike Huarache).

This outfit I simply love. It has a lot of safe neutrals but then just as you think you have it sussed, out comes a flash of color. The shade of red is eyecatching without being gaudy. The jeans comfortable and everyday? Wrong! Try wade through the streets of London and survive a day stain-free. Sporting the goods is one thing but being able to juggle their practicality is an art in itself and this is something Rohan has clearly mastered.

Dare I mention the sparkling white trainers?!

So, I have condensed this ‘street style’ look and pinned down the look for less. These are pretty much all high street stores and they will save you a quid or two. Dont be afraid to purchase online especially if its a store you know and whose size fits.



Levi’s mens ripped jeans. Ageless, timeless in pale blue and available from for a whopping €58.

Mens red jacket. Otherwise known as the Marbeck Field jacket.
€96 –

Nike mens shoes in shiny white. €115  in Office.

River Island mens short sleeve shirt
€9 – Where would ya be going?

Ted Baker men s duffel bag. This  ‘Loyell’ black duffel is on sale from €125. Half price! This is the same listing as Rohan’s own.

Mens cap Since writing this blog, this has sold out but there’s an array of fabulous fedoras and what not available like this.

Rianna Phillips Iphone cover. If you want it, ask the piggy bank for thirty pieces of silver! €30 on

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