Surf’s Up!

Nude Swimwear


Marysia Swim scalloped one piece swimsuit
€315 –

Kiini swimwear
€280 –

Eres swimming costume
€275 –

Melissa Odabash gold bikini
€100 –

FELLA bikini swimsuit
€195 –

SHE MADE ME crochet bathing suit
€92 –

Christian Dior mirror lens sunglasses
€520 –

Eugenia Kim bunny hat
€425 –

J Crew cotton bandana
€27 –

Roxy hat
€26 –

Is it safe to safe it’s finally summer here in Ireland? Well even if the forecast peeks two days of sunshine ahead,  I’m going with it. Here’s the ultimate summer fashion blog.
Think Special K, 90’s TV advert, swimming pool in back yard of condo. Red full swimming togs and a fancy big sunhat. Yep, that’s my inspiration for the above collage. Ladies please, if you don’t have a sunhat, for the love of God get one. Make a statement with contours or striped in strong primary colors or go straw/ nude for a safe bet. I bought a beautiful nude one on the streets of Florence almost five years ago and it’s as good as new.
Grab a towel and sunscreen and go hand out int he back garden if you’ve no waves nearby. The next 48 hours are hopeful….
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Pumpkin Spiced Style

Pumpkin Spiced Style


I just love Autumn. The season of transition, change, harvest, cosiness and certain element of hunkering-down. It’s time for hot chocolate with friends and carving pumpkins. It’s time for fall colors, chunky knit scarves and it’s even ok to order  pumpkin-spiced latte.

Photograph courtesy from @evkon. I like to think of this as Pretty in Pink Autumn. Mango, Kohls and other affordables.

I have been slowly but surely introducing my knits, long(er) coats and wooly black tights. I’m secretly loving the fact I can wear my capes again but of course very grateful it is not bitter cold outside just yet!
Thanks to Primark, we can all look like Autumnal models as we strut our stuff down the ordinary street.
So, what favorite picks can you find for your autumn wardrobe? Share with me your selceted cosy number ones!
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