Gorgeous in Five.

It’s about time I got myself in top gear and began thrashing out some fashionable thoughts. Here are some of my favourites I picked that you too can easily pull together in just five minutes.

  1. Here, I decided to start with the top half. Since my trip to Japan and South Korea several years ago, I have been besotted by the bow-tie collar. I almost threw out a ribbon I got as part of my birthday gift from John and Katie. I saved it just so I could add it to my crisp white blouses. Take this little Gucci number for example. may tickle your fancy. Here I paired the navy/red pussy bow tie with a clean white canvas.

2. Think SuperGran (for those of us ancient enough to remember) or Rupert the Bear. You can’t go wrong with a set of tartan pins.

3. Gals, you need that all-important bag for your trinkets. Stash your mobile, wallet, makeup and keys in what I chose as a top handle ‘Sicily’ by D&G. Unfortunately it’s sold out of Net-A-Porter but I chose it simply because I long for colour in my wardrobe particularly at this time of year.

4. Coming in at number 4 for a mere 50$, you can snatch yourself a pair of Adidas Cloudfoam Advantage sneakers. Aiming to mix old with new, clean bold colour and pattern these originals will tie the look together just nicely.

5. Hey who doesn’t love a baker cap? Top off your look with this fun piece of head decor from Manokhi. Lest not forget winter still lingers.


So there you have it, my five top pieces to look outstanding in this mid point of the month. I hope you can take a leaf from my lookbook.

23146966.jpg    Thank you for reading!
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Navy Lady

Navy Lady


Slip into navy attire this weekend. At least before fancy dress!
Easily contrast with varying shades of blues- just keep it in the family.

Velvet Fancy

Be gone, skimpy silk slip dresses of summer! For the crisp beginnings of fall, the transitional look of eveningwear calls for something much more lush: velvet.
– Satenstein (Vogue)
Velvet Fancy


In the words of Liana Satenstein ” Be gone, skimpy silk slip dresses of summer! For the crisp beginnings of fall, the transitional look of evening wear calls for something much more lush: velvet….” I couldn’t have put it better myself. How lovely you will blend in to your grandmothers lush red curtains in her drawing room.
Get snug in this MiuMiu fur-trimmed rust orange velvet bomber jacket. Have a ball to attend? Why not opt for this stunning aqua velvet wrap gown by Bloomingdales?
A blue velvet cropped blouse by House of Holland would be perfectly canvassed with a long tulle skirt I reckon for that perfect fake, plastic, hippy I-don’t-give-a-crap look (when the truth of the matter is, you really do). A Downton Abbey- themed, Haloween bash would be apt for this little burgundy velvet number above.
This cute lace-trim velvet cami should do the trick for a quiet weekend in with the other half. Its only a mere twenty off quid from the brilliant Asos. And, if you really cant detach yourself from it upon facing the public, pair it with a black wool polo underneath, leggings and good ole reliable Doc Martens. (If you’re too young to understand what they are, pick your favourite pair of ankle boots). Gucci’s grand finale will do nicely if you have a few three grand to fork out on a velvet and lace macrame!
Now, there you have it; plenty of velvet experience right from the Autumn 2016 runway brought to your laptop’s portal front door!

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Johanna Ortiz victorian top
€630 – net-a-porter.com

Topshop pants
€61 – topshop.com

Gianvito Rossi platform heel boots
€970 – mytheresa.com

Dolce Gabbana leather man bag
€3.085 – mytheresa.com

Green, Leafy Days

I decided to dedicate this blog to my very recent return to green leafy Ireland after a long stint away in North America. It’s not until you return to her proud island do you realise Éire is so lush with growth. I am proud to say I’m Irish and so because of that, I dug deep in my Polyvore virtual wardrobe (and imagination, of course) and spat this one out.

Green, Leafy Days


I have seen a lot of this leaf print very recently, both along my work travels and at home. ‘What an odd look’, I first thought to myself. I was recently on Instagram and saw one very trendy english celebrity post a snap of her new armchairs- newly upholstered in green leaves, no less. My room mate even has a new blanket throw in this beloved print. I cannot get enough! Happy reading.

Dolce Gabbana green shirt dress
€2.420 – brownsfashion.com

Dolce Gabbana high waist trousers
€820 – farfetch.com

Green necktie
€98 – theoutnet.com

Dolce&Gabbana leather slip-on shoes
€925 – saksfifthavenue.com

Dolce Gabbana dolce gabbana purse
€3.050 – matchesfashion.com

Vintage cuff bracelet
€14 – unique-vintage.com

Bling Jewelry green brooch
€12 – blingjewelry.com

Chain pendant
€9,02 – maykool.com

Dolce Gabbana silk twill scarve
€480 – luisaviaroma.com

Dolce Gabbana dolce gabbana belt
€520 – farfetch.com

Marni thick lens glasses
€155 – marni.com

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Celebrate a Summer in Yellow

Finally we can officially call it summertime. We no longer complain about the chill in the air but rather, one can hear the passersby whinge the very opposite…. how hot it is outside! Fantastic.

Here is my latest collaboration of all my favourite things yellow. Be not afraid to make that yellow statement, because I sure am not.

Celebrate a Summer in Yellow


First thing is first, look at this cute yellow pinafore. I have been obsessed with these since I was a child. Hey, if there’s a nip in the air in the evening why not pop a short sleeve (or long) white shirt underneath.

Blumarine short dress

$440 – yoox.com

How retro these look. Is it bad to think I think these are technically affordable?

Gucci shoes

$545 – italist.com

I’m sasd to say I definitely will not be adding this to my bag fix anytime soon (not by choice anyway) . Why not tie a little scarf around the top handles to jazz it up. Navy is always a winner. So complimentary.

Crazy about this watch. Definitely making the purchase.

Crayo leather watch

Very sixties I thought. Hence my choice to match with the Gucci footwear.

Alexis Bittar earrings

So ‘Knots Landing’, eh? I can see Abbey Ewing sporting this.

Ranting and raving about ownership of these (as reflected by my many instagram posts).

Dolce Gabbana cell phone headphone
$6,870 – net-a-porter.com

Alexander McQueen scarve
6pm.com….. OR, you could also jump in to Primark on your way home from the office and get a plain yellow scarf. Tie it up turban-style and strut. I remember going in to college (late) with a purple sparkly turban on my head. I wish I had that courage now….I seem to have lost it a long the way somewhere 😦

What more can I say?

If you are not feeling the turban theme, protect those locks with this cute sun straw hat.

Benoît Missolin straw hat

“Get it while it’s hot”- Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)

What a cute little accesory and closing line to this yellow affair. Pair with a long navy maxi as you enter the sunsetting evenings. A guarnteed head turner.

Jil Sander Navy yellow belt
$100 – yoox.com

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