Big, Bold Skirts

I felt like doing a crossover outfit between warm and cosy but not quite getting ready for the slopes. Here is one of my new favourite picks; a Valentino pencil skirt with loud, bold naturistic print. It reminds me of a could-be Florida backdrop (so gets me in the mood for SS and what’s to come!). I’ve paired it with a bottle green, cable-knit, cosy sweater by Stella McCartney. I know this is promoting bank looting in order to afford these specific picks, but my collages are meant to inspire. No carbon copies allowed! Think outside the box. Get a old skirt from your wardrobe. If you don’t own one, root through an old charity shop or second hand thrift store. Ask a friend with a taste, ask your neighbours granny. Beg, borrow but don’t steal! When you have accomplished that, get an old fisherman cable knit jumper. Oversize all the way. If you are petite, wrap a nice skinny belt around your waist to accentuate how great your waistline it. Pair with your slickest heels or groovy neutral trainers if you’re a busy lady.
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These two beauties are both ASOS. All under fifty quid. And wonderful examples how you can pair oversize plain tops with funky, fussy, loud prints. Keep the colors in the same family if at all possible. Don’t go overboard.
So there you have it. Make it a big, bold skirt-type of week ladies.

Happy Dressing!
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Weekend Cosy

Oh how lovely it is since the clocks went back. The nights have drawn in that bit quicker. The cosies are coming on earlier and its not guilt you feel when you’re in front of the box in your pyjamas by 7!
Weekend Cosy
Heres a collaboration of some of my favourite picks I have put together to take you through the weekend. The above set is for day time wearing on a Saturday running errands or meeting your mate for a nice hot chocolate and a natter. Its easier, its comfortable yet presentable and take zero effort!
This set is lounge-around-home type of gear. I always liked the look of the grey matching college track suit. Even match it with some white slouch socks for that all-American look.
Happy lounging this weekend!
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