Get Your Picnic On

If you do not want thoughts of all things Mother of Pearl , then do not read on. I finally got to sit down this morning and read the Sunday Times Style Magazine (all 4/7 later I know). Laura Atkinson’s style barometer was en pointe. She thrust me in to a picnic-themed blog frenzy and here we are.


Luella Navy Check Blanket with Carrier.


Can we discuss the picnic bag- a luella navy check blanket with tan carrier bag. Is it a bag with a blanket or a blanket with bag? Either way I’m loving the navy and tan palate.


As I research Mother of Pearl this morning, I am drawn from the original idea of writing about picnic and basket/ beach bags to pure picnic talk. Whoever would have though there was so much to discuss. The TV show ‘Keeping up Appearances’ springs to mind when I say the word. I have no idea why. I guess Amy Powney delved deep in to the Yorkshire landscape for this fabulous SS18 collection as inspiration. Next, I envision all things gingham.


Check these babies out. The ‘Amber’ mule , also by Mother of Pearl. You can wrap the silk in multiple ways to suit your picnic needs.


Maise Striped Dress in Bue silk

Fancy some silk knots wrapped around gold rings? This plunging back V midi is the one for you. Pair with them stunning gingham Amber sandals and your ready for your cucumber, crustless sandwich cut.


The Aspen Striped Shirt; how delightful! The split, silk cuff is held together by a dainty pearl and chain; Attention to detail spot on. Pass me the prosecco, I would definitely picnic in this.

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To Ezpopsy or Not to Ezpopsy?

Dusting cobwebs off my MacBook gand digits), I’m finally coming up for air. If only I could type as fast as my eyes have fed over this past month’s Vogue, HFM or Grazia.

I have discovered, upon my Instagram flicking, this lovely pop-up advert called Ezpopsy. I’m fairly certain they’re made in China. “Sure isn’t that where most are?” says you. Anyway after some research nevertheless, you know when you click the ‘About Us’ section on a website, some more information pops up on the founder, well I’m still none the wiser. If anyone knows more about this founder can one contact me? Lets not hold that against their creativity though. Shall we?

How stunning are these dresses? I don’t know about the rest of you but I can see Grace Kelly in that bottle green, aline laced version above.

I’m thinking Gucci met Mufassa at some point in this little full length bowtie maxi. I love the symmetry which as a rule, goes against my grain, but for some reason I need not debate this stunning piece.

Two piece, pretty in pink. Hermès and Carolina Herrera have baby and this is the end product. Either way, I am a fan. Maria Buffini this would look good on you.

Ezpopsy. Worth the look.


Another horrifically long stint away from my beloved blog site, other than the daily snaps on insta and newfound discovery Boomerang taking the funniest shots of my two cute nephews!

After having watched Annie Hall for the second time yesterday, I said ‘ that’s it, that’s my next blog!’ There is literally hundreds of clips of magnificent fashion from this seventies treasure. I’ll talk you through some of my top favourites.


Small width neck scarves with a shorter sleeve crisp white blouse. And collar up, always a collar up it seems!


Doesn’t Robin just have the best style? Time to psychoanalyse her outfit! Oversized tribal print tunic with a never-ending collection of large bangles, silver , gold, copper, plastic; any which way you like! Can we discuss neck territory while we are at it….?


Allison has the coolest collection of red beads, don’t you think? Not afraid to wrap ’em round and around.


Not to mention her elegant dark dress when dabbling with her cello. On a side not, does she play the concert flute too? Shelly Duvall is rocking this pretty canary-yellow, floral wrap over dress. Currently visible on high streets paired with ankle socks and tennis shoes.


Chic crisp white, wide leg pants. Can we emphasis WIDE leg. They are every where on this cast. Both sexes.

images-2.jpg      download.jpg

What a gem of a movie bulging at the seams with class, candour and dare to not care. I am certainly taking a leaf out of their book to my housewarming party today.

Happy weekend!

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I am Mourning



Needless to say I have trawled through the internet tonight after the gazillion postings and tags of me by friends on Instagram. The likes of ” Spits of you” et cetera et cetera, I simply had to repost.

The above is taken from and it depicts the soft quilted sculptures by Pierpaolo Piccioli no less for the untouchable Moncler AW 2018. We likey.


The above is particularly appropriate as my other half has decide to up and leave for the US for a seven week music tour (grr). I shall carry on as I always do and throw myself in to my beloved fashion as a means of soothing myself and my tears (gulp). I choose this wonderful creation by Kei Ninomiya, from the Japanese Noir brand ( representing Moncler’s AW18 collection) as a reflection of my feelings for tonight. Noir, dark and sublime.


Not to end on such a morbid note, I have picked this cheery little cherry number from Simone Rocha as a pinch of sugar on my latest fashion note.  Having spent some time on my travels in various Japanese cities, lolita is the first thing that springs to mine on this little number.

Any thoughts?

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Gorgeous in Five.

It’s about time I got myself in top gear and began thrashing out some fashionable thoughts. Here are some of my favourites I picked that you too can easily pull together in just five minutes.

  1. Here, I decided to start with the top half. Since my trip to Japan and South Korea several years ago, I have been besotted by the bow-tie collar. I almost threw out a ribbon I got as part of my birthday gift from John and Katie. I saved it just so I could add it to my crisp white blouses. Take this little Gucci number for example. may tickle your fancy. Here I paired the navy/red pussy bow tie with a clean white canvas.

2. Think SuperGran (for those of us ancient enough to remember) or Rupert the Bear. You can’t go wrong with a set of tartan pins.

3. Gals, you need that all-important bag for your trinkets. Stash your mobile, wallet, makeup and keys in what I chose as a top handle ‘Sicily’ by D&G. Unfortunately it’s sold out of Net-A-Porter but I chose it simply because I long for colour in my wardrobe particularly at this time of year.

4. Coming in at number 4 for a mere 50$, you can snatch yourself a pair of Adidas Cloudfoam Advantage sneakers. Aiming to mix old with new, clean bold colour and pattern these originals will tie the look together just nicely.

5. Hey who doesn’t love a baker cap? Top off your look with this fun piece of head decor from Manokhi. Lest not forget winter still lingers.


So there you have it, my five top pieces to look outstanding in this mid point of the month. I hope you can take a leaf from my lookbook.

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