Maxi Dress: Alert!



Striped cotton and silk-blend maxi dress


You simply cannot go wrong. They are adorable with all sorts of foot wear. You can get away with runners, All Stars, wedges, flipflops, pumps or dressy heels. The maxi is uber versatile. Why not embrace it?



Lisa Marie FernandezRuffled Bodice Button Down Cotton-Lace Maxi Dress


Feeling a little chilly? Dont fret! Drape a fun blazer over your shoulder for the late evening sunset.


Maxi Dress with Cut-Out Shoulders
GBP 1,087.00


How could I sign off without including this beauty from Balmain? A pale blue viscose beauty awaits to be stepped in to. Ideal for a summer wedding guest or while on holiday to the continent? They advise to match with a pop colour shoulder bag. I couldn’t agree more. How about a fun hand clutch . I have to suggest the below….


Well have fun maxi dress shopping this weekend. I am pulling out my old ghosts this weekend. The weather certainly beckons!

23146966.jpg    Thank you for reading!
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