Spring Hits Cos


Sweatshirt Dress with Sleeve Pleats

I am just in LOVE with the new COS Selection. I cannot seem to get enough of their loose, lighty pastel and neutral shades. Grant it it’s not ideal weather right now but give it time and soon you will be dusting off your favourite sandals from the bottom of your attic trunk. Here are a few of my picks from the current store stock.


Layered Wrap-over Blazer

I am all over the floral prints these days especially when it come to a good trouser suit. With the shadows of St. Patrick’s Day lingering still what’s wrong with a good green? Echo the saint with this stunning 2 piece.


Tailored Jacquard Coat and Pants.


Let’s bear in mind that there is still snow in forecast this weekend so why not treat yourself to this beautiful padded quilt jacket. Perfect for layering your favourite cashmere cardi under or teddy bear coat over. My name’s on that I one!


Padded Quilt Jacket

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