MFW- 2017 Feb

“Let’s show the world that the fashion community is united and fearless,”- Angela Missoni


Amongst this mess of a political world we seem to find ourselves caught up in this past year, what a nice refreshing statement to hear. Colours, pussy cat hats and more colorus for Milan We likey!


Salvatore Ferragamo

Beautifully, sleek cut, long, dove- grey silhouettes were presented to us from Fulvio Rigoni for Salvatore Ferragamo. This coat dress (above) did the trick for me.


A beautiful mix between American Military-style dress and Russian mufti, civilian attire. Makes it somewhat apt for this miserable, February weather that has decided to engulf Ireland this week.


Stella Jean.

Sportmax launched from the Max mothership a groovy, cool, contemporary  selection of pieces with the strong ‘Run’ theme throughout (a somewhat appeared hidden meaning). This outfit below I think is a real stunner.



Here is just a small few samples from my favourites of Milan Fashion Week last week. I feel it was sinful to rush through this blog tonight but I felt under pressure as wow, how quickly February crept up on me. Apologies if you were just getting in to this, but it shall be followed by a review of more of my picks from the wonderful world of Milan.

Thank you for reading!
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