Guys are for Spring

I’m finally doing my next piece on menswear. (Phew). Short ‘n’ sweet, Ive picked an array of blues. Let me tell you contrasting shades of the same color is always a winner. Fling a little black in there for good measure (I’m easing myself gently in to spring!)

Et, voila…



And so the story continues with a sprig of coral or rust or whatever you like to call it. I’m seeing a lot of that right now for Spring/Summer season. I felt like being a little playful with the touch of leopard print. It’s probably the last of these furs for the year. One can just about get away with it for February.

 Below is my ‘Coolah Caley’ look which belongs to Shoreditch. Those of you who have been will understand.
Guys are for Spring


Oh and lads if you are reading this go easy on me. It’s not the easiest to write on your behalf but I’ll be damned if I don’t try!

Mens zip off pants
$33 –

The Black Ears men s accessory
$50 –

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