Shape Up, Glam Up.

Shape Up, Glam Up.
It’s that time of year when everyone thinks they’ve caught the January Blues. Wake up; and get up people. It’s the perfect opportunity to hit the sales. Buy the trendiest, grooviest everyday outdoor jacket and a new pair of kicks. Pick a local favourite coffee shop and hit the pavement running.
I recently found a great new Costa in my neighbourhood and I’ve taken to going twice weekly before my late work shift. It’s an incentive to get out, exercise and get my caffeine kick, all whilst getting dressed up in my new active wear.
So there you have it. These are a few of my favourite picks. Think warm leggings, puffy oversize sports jackets, headphones and comfy shoes and get moving. I hope you enjoy this blog and its ideas. May it inspire you to get moving in style.
Happy Reading!
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