LEts talk Christmas

LEts talk Christmas


Finally. Work’s out. Cant believe I’ve said that, it feels so liberating. Im slung over the sofa and I’m so happy to be clanking away on my latest blog for all you lovely viewers. I’ve collaborated several collages of my favourite festive finds. Plenty more to follow.

Navy Surplice Front Velvet Wrap Dress for a mere 20 quid? Say no more. It’s actual velvet available from shein.com it’s an American site but they have dome darling cheap finds. Get one down, one click away. Do what this lady has done and add a fur or faux fur collar for that extra snug outdoor feel.
I’ve had to grab this direct from polyvore but the colors just caught my eye. The Daily Find is a wonderful cyber brain storm of outfit designs/ideas put together just for you. Credit to Loloksage. The dark green velvet pleated midi dress is from pixiemarket.com. The crazy kilt is Newlook and the green sweater is pinkqueen.com both are under 25 euro! The YSL heels obviously make up for the rest of the bill.
There you have it for this week. May my blog somewhat inspire you and bring out the sparkle in your Christmas wear this festive season. Merry Christmas to all my readers out there and to your families this season.
Thank you for following, reading and continuing to support me.
Seasons Greetings!

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