Aran Sweaters Galore

Way, way behind on my November blogs people; I am aware. I have made a dent on my Christmas shopping and I have written an errands list the length of me arm (and it’s a long arm). HOWEVER, thanks to Mrs. Claus I got some quick sharp (and festive) inspiration and decided to base my next blog on Aran jumpers.


Cable Knit Funnel Neck Jumper by M&S.

Here are a few of my pics, sourced from the ole reliable Polyvore. Prices are variable but I like to think my readers and audience can decide for themselves which they think looks the best quality.


The Aran sweater has nothing to offer but warmth, versatility, quality and has stood the test of time. From Tommy Makem to the fisherman, from Mrs Claus to your grandmother. If the aran jumper was a person, it would be your closest friend.


Wear your aran (or cable knit cousin) with jeans or some nice black leggings and a neutral heeled ankle boot. Complete your cosy winter look with a chunky-knit scarf and a french beret to sprinkle it with a touch of class.



I came across a beauty in a second hand consignment store in Camden Town on April 1st this year. It was the hottest day of the year 2015 in London that I was turned off buying one and how I now regret that dearly. So after all that, if you don’t own an aran sweater, get one, find or at least ask Santa for one.


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Happy Reading.

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