For the Feet.


What is up with this wonderful September people? I’ll tell you. It’s clearly the moccasin-wearing weather. Autumn, you have been kind enough to give us (mostly) dry days, so much so that we can even wear heel exposed shoes. You mean I can wear a show that  I won’t get drenched in? You mean I can wear a heel out still in to the end of the ninth month of the year? Of course. This bunch of moccasin slip-ons are here to the rescue, courtesy  of  Topshop!


Unfortunately for me I still have not managed to get any of these due to my inherited size 41 feet! I will continue the search for the perfect pair. In the meantime, go grab yourself a pair. Wear with capris, pencil skirts, jeans and if you are a cold creature why not pair with a sophisticated pair of dark tights with a fitted skirt and turtle neck. You will look you went astray from one of the fashion weeks, just like our darling Alexa Chung (left).



Take a leaf out of Sienna Miller’s book (above) with the Gucci Princeton fur lined Moccasin


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