Weekend Wear Continues.

Weekend Wear Continues.


Kicking back this lovely Friday evening, I decided to do a small blog on weekend casual wear. This is not necessarily my own personal style, but I wanted to mix up what I would imagine I’d wear if I explored my boundaries. Im not really a trainers-wearing girl, other than out and about on my jogs. But, I managed to be open-minded and picked a cute pair of silver/ grey trainers with Mickey Mouse Print. Eye-catching and adorable, I simply had to include them.


I officially want this Fenty X Puma Overcoat. It has nothing to do with it having a Rhianna stamp of approval (honest, it really doesn’t). I just want it for the pure cosiness, kick back factor. Another reason to wear it on weekends. Its officially available now since September 6th. Check out packed.com for a few $400 odd. Perfect Sunday Times reading kimono, don’t you think?

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Fleece shirt
€16 – etsy.com

Yves Saint Laurent gray pants
€1.850 – mytheresa.com

Minnie Rose tinted glasses
€76 – therealreal.com

John Lewis gray scarve
€30 – johnlewis.com

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