Italian Streetstyle 


A recent trip to Firenze had me snap happy, but not just for the high street Pucci’s or Hermes-window-looking on Via Tournabuoni. It was for the passing locals returning to the office after a quick espresso. It was for the little old olive-skinned ladies, shuffling home with the prized groceries. It was for the everyday Florentine. That is what brings this place to life.


Smart young men adorned in sharp navy blue suits. Mid twenties women in off the shoulder crisp whites. Kids in matching bermudas and tops. The list goes on.

You will notice my photographs are mostly taken from the posterior or side angle. My subjects are unaware and this is for a purpose: To capture the unaware street moves.


Up to date with the newest trends, but worn with such effortless means. The Italian, with style in their genes. Classy and minimalist.

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