The Funky Sweatshirt

I love Sundays, simply because I love to go down to my (now I can finally say it) local and pick up the Sunday Times. I’m ne’er a foot in the door and I rip the plastic insert to shreds to reveal that all important ‘Style’ magazine.


Above left: Grey Merino Wool Giraffe-Sleeve Sweater (€230) Right: Love Moschino Long- Sleeve Sweater (€205)

Flossie Saunder’s Sunday fashion tips decorate my day. She recently did an interesting article on the comeback of the casual statement sweatshirt. I’m not quite convinced how great I look in them, however it does make me appreciate a good sweater, especially oversized.


Above: Left: Sugarhill Boutique Nita Curious Cat Jumper, Navy (€32) & Wearing Top Mr.Cat Print Loose Sweater from (€27)

I am trying to wean myself off oversized tops but I’m finding it hard to breakaway. Perhaps the funky sweaters in this blog might convince me. I plucked them from Polyvore. Here are a few of my favourites.



Above right: Fendi fur-embellished cotton-blend sweater (€ 1,179)  & left: Banjo & Matilda star-intarsia cashmere sweater (€345)

Slap on a pair of your favourite comfortable jeans. Let’s go with a pair of high-waisted baggy ones. I’m thinking Jackie from That 70’s show or  casual Abby Ewing from Knots Landing. Messy hair bun, funky new sweater and a pair of aviators. I think we’re in business.


Here is my favourite pick. What a cute little gem, and for a fine price tag of €15 from I absolutely adore this mustard color. Pair with skinny jeans, high heel ankle boot and oversized tote. A shiny million dollars you will look.

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