Walter Van Beirendonck, Yes!


Photo courtesy of Luca Tombolini.

So I know I’m probably jumping ahead but who doesn’t in the fashion world. This is the Spring 2017 collection from Walter Van Beirendonck. I have never written a blog yet on menswear and so I figured it was time to make amends with myself and delve into the masculine side of fashion. Darren Casey you will be proud.


Van Beirendonck, Belgian born, has brought something magical to the modern day runway. Fearless and edgy, he promotes baggy pantaloons, statement shirts and color coded footwear.


Inspired by the Mad Hatter’s unsolvable conundrum, this was the latest for Walter’s next Spring collection. Manic, unsolved, chaotic and mysterious all at once.

Hatter: “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” (to Alice) “I haven’t the slightest idea!”


You can’t go wrong with a leopard/teal mix, eh? The asymmetry is so daring but stunningly elegant. How about a matching print sock to boot?


Sourced via Vogue 

Not having known much about this designer, I am more and more in the awe the more I delve in to researching him. I am slowly becoming more obsessed with this Antwerpian. Maybe it is because the year he began designing was the same year I was born but I almost definitely drawn to his exhibits.


More womenswear I say!

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