LFW Feb 2016- Part 2


Well if it wasn’t military style with military style precision, then Burberry have gone and blinded me. Dazzling the front rowers in fish nets, chunky block heels, fern green furs and black velvet numbers. As fabulous as ever. Here are a few more of my favourite picks from London Fashion Week last week (February 2016).


Alice Temperley’s stunning designs echoed a bohemian gypsy style. Large embroidered capes paired with gigantic bowties and denims. The pastel and baby blues soften the wild vagabond-type attire, offering an occasional glimpse of elegance.


Temperley London. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Alexander McQueen: The crème de la crème who showed for the first time in quite some time at London Fashion Week. Butterflies seemed to be a hidden, yet not such a subtle theme of the showcase.


“McQueen is fundamentally British and London is where it’s based and where we all live and work…There’s a freedom of expression in London that makes it feel right.” – Sarah Burton (Porter Magazine)


“It’s a bloody duvet”, mocks the general unstylish nobodies of the public! But it’s couture I rebut. It’s sensual, soft, plush, cosy and to-die-for! Get on me. Coffee, gold, green and pink, embossed silks and satin. Need I go on?

Speaking of pink. Check out this darling outer coat from the one and only Simone Rocha. A shy quiet dark haired girl whom I spent a year going to school with. (I’m sure she doesn’t even know who I am) but what a talent she grew up to be.


Look at those off-the-shoulder, magnified bell sleeve. I love a good elongated belt. The peter pan collar reminds me of a sixties style. I am absolutely in love with this piece.


This outfit (above) is another of my favourite from Simone’s collection. A two piece classic black. Can I say this in the nicest possible of ways; it reminds me of a porcelain clowns outfit? The delicate ruffles are the cutest. It’s neat, quirky and most of all elegant. Another beauty has been born.

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