Two Stylish Sisters

Taking inspiration this week from an article in The Huffington Post, I decided to write my very own piece on the great Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis and her younger sibling, Lee Radziwill. Radziwill, oft in the shadow of her older sister, by the very nature of Jackie’s role, allows us to appreciate her style even more.


Image courtesy of Imagewell.

In the words of Vogue’s Hamish Bowles, Jackie often hid behind the tyranny and constance of the paparazzi in her signature sunglasses. Modest, private, yet über-stylish.

….she shielded herself from the paparazzi gaze behind her trademark bug-eyed sunglasses…..


Photo credit: Tom Wargacki on Getty Images, circa 1976.

We can appreciate why Lee was named the International Best Dressed on the Hall of Fame in 1996. Having a strong eye for fashion and style alike, her Parisian home was featured less than several years ago on Elle Décor Magazine.


Radziwill in Christian Dior, circa 1960

I am literally addicted to posting photographs on my blogs, but when you see style as effortless at the Bouvier sisters, I am even more compelled. Radziwill, listed in 2013 as one of the best dressed by The Guardian, we can clearly see why.


Photo credit: Andy Warhol

Standing the test of time? That they have both done. Barefoot in capris on the island of Capri, to one piece swimsuits and headscarves to beat the band; Bouvier’s style. Absorb.


Photo credit: Benno Graziani, circa 1962

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