Would you polka with me?

Would you dare to share your polka love? Would you daringly go head to toe like this young lady did at Milan Fashion Week? I simply love this outfit. This outfit seems loud but it works because she sticks to the same block colors; differing shades of navy, white and camel brown. And what a gamble throwing red in the mix. Look how she ties her accessories with this once choice of color; her lipstick, her nail varnish, sunglasses and the cute belt. Bravo!


Image courtesy of ImaxTree (2013).

An archived ‘LIFE’ magazine featured the polka dot mixed with a fabulous muslin shawl collar. Photographed by the one and only Nina Leen. This elegant lady was not afraid to show her dotty side to boot.


Photo credit: Nina Leen, circa 1955.

Esther Quek is never afraid to show her side of jest in Belgium’s ‘Style du Monde’ after the AW 2015 Prada Fashion Show. Sporting a playful red jumpsuit enveloped in white with black polka dot print, not a care in the word.


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