Outfit Planning


Alarm clock ring plus an icy cold nose can mean only one thing; Monday morning blues. Perish the thought. Too cosy to start your day early? Looks like even Audrey had a hard time getting out of the sack. Can’t decide what to wear? Ladies you need to start planning ahead. There are so many ways to do this. Let me help.

ORGANISE YOUR CLOSET: I’m not here to lecture on clutter or messy bedrooms as those of you who take pride in your clothes and fashion tend to be a little on the neater side. However, I’m sure there is room for a wee bit more organisation. Section your wardrobe: Trouser suits, rolled in to pants and jeans etc. I like to keep all my skirts in a separate section, be it pencil, a-line or maxis. Believe me this will make it easier to put your outfits together. I promise.


Photo credit: Chris Andre

MENTAL PLANNING: Get off your phones, tablets and other electronic gadgets that you so often find stuck to your palm. Shut your eyes and just have a think. Have a good, long, hard think about what is in your closet. Scan your each section and try and visualise specific items. Start with the basics. Pants versus dress versus skirt. Next choose the top. Will it be a shirt or a funky blouse under a pinafore dress? Remember baggy on bottoms, tight on top and vice versa.


Photo courtesy of Shakarasquare.com

GET INSPIRED: There are tonnes and tonnes of fashion magazines in your nearest newsagent and metro stop. Grab one. Even if it’s just once a week. It’ll take the edge of that long train or bus commute too. Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Netaporter; the list is endless. There is a fabulous Irish magazine by the name of ‘Social & Personal’ that have gorgeous fashion ideas. These will not break the bank and it’s amazing how much visual inspiration you can get. 

“When I first moved to New York I bought VOGUE instead of dinner. I just felt it fed me more.”

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City


Photo courtesy of lastissue.nl

DON’T FORGET TO ACCESSORISE: You would be surprised how much a dainty neck scarf or brooch can maximise your look. If the canvas outfit is fairly safe in terms of being a dark navy/black/grey, pick a bright contrasting scarf like scarlet red with black or baby pink with grey. I just love a vintage brooch on a smart blazer. Think cameo. Don’t dream of leaving that house of yours without a decent bag. I’m far too passionate about bags to include it in this blog but be rest assured I will be doing a very in-depth feature on some work bags soon. 


Fashion Accessories by Andy Warhol (ink and tempura on paper) circa 1955. Photo courtesy of Christie’s.

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