A Shade of Grey.


I really have nothing further to add. I cannot comment much on this only I found these photographs after some digging through an online vogue from earlier on this year. I believe this über-stylish lady was spotted on street style at Milan FW ’15. Unfortunately I cannot mention any photo credits or clothing designers. This can leave more to the imagination.


What seems to be a fur stole but looks like a cuff is casually draped over one arm only. This offers a bold asymmetric offset in this outfit. I cannot commend this lady enough. The hints of dark red are cleverly matched with her red heels, drawing the onlooker from both head to toe.


Notice how the pleats are that much more visual on one side only, the fleck upper half of the outfit carefully draped back to expose these delicious pleats. Despite the subtle hints of reds, blacks and whites, her main story told is that of grey. What a special neutral background. Kudos.

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