Netaporter; what is it about you that makes everything seem so much better? Let’s start with the plaid (above). A little dull at first sight but just begin to zoom and scrutinise and you too, like me, will fall back in love with plaid again. I promise.


Above: Standing the test of time. Model wears Plaid Green Coat by Nina Ricci circa 1948. Note the cuff turn ups in perfect sync with sleeve.


Photographed below are these stylish New Yorkers spreading the plaid love. Note how they all neutralise the hectic print with an original trench casually slung over their shoulders. Don’t be afraid to tie in the socks with the main stream of color in your kilt!


Across the pond somewhere in Laura Bailey’s London, lie the perfect coupling of ceramic prints (see earlier blog) and tartan plaid {ref. The Huffington Post}. Again notice how she plays down the colors distally with the neutral beige and black. Now that’s a feast for anyone’s eyes.


Daks 2014 Fall collection portrayed continuous checkered effect with a stocking reveal under a mouth-watering, Victorian-inspired coat.


And it’s all thanks to Rupert and his mate who brought this blog to life and set in motion my appreciation for plaid, tartan and all things check. 


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