Jumper Dressing

It’s a Saturday morning and it’s time to run those errands. You didn’t get the lie in you wished for but grabbing that soft cosy grey sweater from the closet suddenly makes everything feel better. Invest in a soft cashmere sweater in light grey or nude. Perhaps even baby blue while its still Fall and that winter chill isn’t quite in the air yet. Go a size up and you’re right as rain.


Below illustrates how opting  for the long sweater version poses as a dress and there are a hundred ways in which to make this work. Three-quarter length pants with converse shoes work just fine. Come Halloween, cover up those ankles, dust off your full length denims and finish with a wedge ankle boot or heeled boots.


Now what is it about turtle necks? They scream “curl up by the fire, pull out that hardback classic and get comfortable! ”


So go ahead; roll it up and there’s not an ounce of cold frosty air getting in there!


                    Above: Liston Oversize Turtleneck by Acne Studios $430.

Feeling deserving and want to splash out on some fancy sweaters? Then why not try something like Uma Wang’s OTT bulky knit. Keep it continuous and sport your footwear in the same color.


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