Ponchos, Shades and Blue, Oh My!

Blue Satchel. Even though I hate the fabric inside, I had to have it. I cannot seem to master the art of walking past a bag instore without purchasing it. I guess we all have our weaknesses (!) The perfect ‘I’m running late’ bag. Dump in your keys, wallet, phone, makeup, diary, whatever you need and in snug it all fits.


Miu Miu prescriptive tinted lens. I like the idea of sprouting the ever-so-large sunnies to be top heavy. Why the heck not. I have to laugh though as every time I pull them out to slap on my visage, I hear a friends endless slagging play out time and time again. The day I bought them his reply to my sporting them was; “John Lennon called….” You know who you are.

Poncho. I wasn’t so sure if this was a good idea or not but I was recently down at a music festival in Co. Kerry and it rained that heavy drizzle the entire time. Needless to say I arrived with not a rain mac in sight. My new poncho did just the trick. My colleagues would cringe from my working days in The North Face; yes I know It’s not remotely waterproof but hell, its warm and it sure kept the wind out! You simply must invest in this human tent.

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