The Long Vest. 

All the rage? I feel like the long vest could have been so much more than it is, or then again maybe it’s only hatching from its shell. The long vest is so great. There are multiple ways to wear them. Firstly we have the open versus closed debate. It seem I see more being wore open. This to me deems the more casual look.


Above: Haute couture Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015.

The vest is perfect for during the day time if you’re going about your business but also planning on lunching with a friend or meeting a colleague. It says ‘ I want to look good, but nothing too fussy’.

Above: Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham.

What to wear under?

Easy! Pair with the ole reliable jeans, or leggings. For the tail end of summer and even in to the Indian summer, culottes and wide legged linens keep the cool evenings at bay. If you’re opting for loose on bottom, always remember to go fitted on top. Otherwise it’s far too baggy ( not in a good way!). Bear in mind the long vest needs to go over so keep it simple, like a plain print tank top with the baggies. If you’re going for the jeans, pair with a pretty blouse with a bow tie. If you’re feeling daring, go with a bare arm under a sleeveless vest. 


For a sophisticated look, match with heels of course. Stilettos if you dare, especially for an evening appointment or event. If you’re feeling boyish and want to be particle about things, pair with the flat, military-style boots and you’ll get the job done! Céline’s boxy cut long vest compliments the scarlet red shoes. Go on, try it. Bright and bold against the blank dark canvas. 



We have it covered! Anything goes. If the top is simple, be playful with beads. Long beads. Lots of long beads. The chunkier the better. Bold reds, bright yellows and, of course, teal. You can never go wrong with teal. Don’t be afraid to belt up. You either like ’em or you don’t, so you’ve probably already made your mind up re. the belting situation.


 I feel you can only go clutch or large tote with the vest. You don’t want anything too ‘hangy-offy’ with the floaty open vest. It’s too distracting. Keep it simple. Plain, dark tote held down by your side, or clutch it under the elbow. Et, voila……


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